Your Camera Companion

Say goodbye to passive security cameras. With Text My Camera, transform your webcam, smartphone, or any connected camera into a proactive security ally. Engage in real-time conversations, request updates, and receive instant alerts directly via iMessage or SMS.

Experience Personalized Security

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Proactive, Intelligent Watchdog

Text My Camera is always on the lookout. Whether it’s your pet’s mischiefs or unexpected visitors, you’ll receive detailed text updates with smart suggestions. Talk to your camera naturally – it understands and responds like a person.

Simplicity Meets Sophistication

No apps, no complications. Text My Camera operates seamlessly through iMessage and SMS. It’s compatible with a wide range of devices – from your iPhone to basic security cameras, and even your laptop’s webcam.

Ready to Go

Personalize what matters to you. Define “interesting” on your terms and let Text My Camera keep an eye out for you. Here’s how you can tailor your monitoring:

  • “Alert me when someone lingers in my room.”
  • “Notify me about unusual activity in storage areas.”
  • “Capture if someone’s pet creates a mess in my yard.”
  • “Monitor peak store hours and inform me about heavy foot traffic.”

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