Your Camera Powered by AI

Carry on a conversation with your webcam, your smartphone camera, laptop camera or connected camera via iMessage or SMS texts. You can ask questions, request pictures and video of what’s happening, and even ask for a notification whenever something you’re interested in happens on camera.

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Text My Camera is Proactive

Text My Camera is not content to just wait around for you to ask it to do something. When something interesting happens, like when your dog (or the neighbor’s dog) decides to dig up your flowers, Text My Camera will send you a text message with details and suggestions. Because it’s an advanced AI, you can simply talk to your Camera like a normal person.

iMessage or SMS is All You Need

Text My Camera works through iMessage and SMS. There is no app to install on your phone. Text My Camera interacts with any camera you have, including iPhone or Android cameras and plain old security cams. It even works with the camera in your laptop.

Let’s say you have a laptop in your room where you live with roommates, or in the baby’s nursery. You simply tell us to monitor that camera and Text My Camera will notify you when something interesting happens.

With the Text My Camera you can:

  • Chat with your camera any time of day or night. AI never sleeps!
  • Learn what’s been happening while you were away.
  • Monitor any space where you have a camera and be notified when something interesting happens. You can define what is “interesting“. Here are some examples:
    • “Let me know when someone lingers in my room for more than a couple of seconds.
    • “Contact me if you see someone try to open multiple storage spaces.”
    • “Send me a picture if someone let’s their dog poop in my yard.”
    • “Monitor the store from 5:30 to 6pm for heavy foot traffic. If things get really busy, send me a video and text the manager.”